Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And the Quilt goes to.........

Well, yesterday was a crazy day between my youngest son getting braces and my oldest son's car breaking down. Whew....glad it's over and today can be a little more calm.
Thank you all for the comments. I just finished another quilt using Amy Butler fabrics and a simple pattern. I love how it came out.

So....I had my husband pick a No. between 1-7 and he picked No. 2!!! So Miss Ani Hearts Japan is receiving this little bit of happiness. You can email me your addy @ and I will get it postal this week.

And just a scrappy page of my hubby and our cute lil puppy Lilly. They so adore each other!

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ani hearts japan said...

I am so excited! Thank you SOOO Much! I can't wait to see it up close!!! Someday (in the very far future) I dream to make a quilt. I've wanted to for so long... Thank you SO much, again!!