Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My "Happy" Place

Here's where I get to enjoy myself. I just put this together real quick in Photoshop
and hopefully I can get the picture to come out large enough for you to peek (click
on the photo to enlarge it further).
The closet cut-out is my favorite. Mike put it together for me. It's where I
stand and scrap. The white container next the the "J" is where I have
all my mini albums stored. I think I might have to move up to the next size soon.
On my black magnet board I have a collection of "J's" also. I treasure the one
my secret sister LeAnn made for me (the large cute one with the flower) a couple
of years ago. And, of course, I really love being able to change out the quilt behind
the desk. Right now it's one of my favorites. I really need to get my behind in
gear to get some other quilts finished to hang here.

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